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Everything is made better with glitter. It adds that extra level of celebration, and is a simple fix to make people smile.

So, whether customers need to decorate tables, balloons, or greetings cards, make sure you have the best range of glitter for them to choose from by filling your store with products from BGC Wholesale.

Our glitter glue pens are a great (controlled) way for customers to apply glitter to their decorations. Alternatively, having a stock of glitter shakers offers them an easy and child-friendly way to add a sparkle to their party decorations. Or, we have a selection of craft glitter for any creative pursuit your customers can think of.

Whatever their needs, make sure you can give your customers what they want with BGC Wholesale. Plus, we have unbeatable trade-only prices, and free delivery on all orders over £300.

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10 Glitter Glue Pens
Item No. IT082507
Craft Accessories Everyday Tallon 5032/48
4 Glitter Shakers 16g
Item No. IT082407
Craft Accessories Everyday Tallon 6089/48
8 Glitter Tubes
Item No. IT081742
Craft Accessories Everyday Tallon 6087
9 Glitter Pots Metallic Colour
Item No. IT219982
Craft Accessories Everyday Tallon 6090