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BGC appoints new Bristol Branch Manager

09 March 2021
Meet Mike, the new Bristol Branch Manager.

Mike has worked in retail since the age of 16. Two years later, he moved into management and training with Somerfield - a name that some of you may remember!

Mike said “I cut my teeth on the deli - I do remember specifically saying on my application that I didn’t want to work on the deli, but I was asked to work there anyway. It turned out to be a great experience; I loved the customer interaction!

“We had some of the same customers week in, week out, and over time you got to know their order, bits about what was going on with them personally and really got to develop a relationship. I’m pleased looking back they ignored my application request!”

From there, Mike moved onto Morrisons as Deputy Manager, remaining there for about six years.

“We were all about the customer. For me, customer service isn’t just the ‘goodbye’ as you leave, it is the full experience, from the environment being smart and presentable, to being able to find what you want easily, to having everything priced up, and creating a safe place to shop. For me it is a journey, and the end part is only 20% of that experience.”

Before joining BGC, Mike also worked across many different locations at a discount retailer for eight years, supporting improvements in customer service and store standards.

It’s all about the customers

Now in his new role with BGC, Mike’s experience with customers will stand him in good stead as he joins the management team at the UK’s number one wholesaler.

“It is clear that BGC has a real family feel in terms of the organisation. The colleagues here are so helpful and friendly; even the Managing Director came and had a chat with me to welcome me to the business.

“Speaking with some of our Branch Managers across the country, it struck me that we don’t talk about sales – it was customer, customer, customer. How we help our customers grow their business and prosper is clearly something of a mantra for us.

“The operations are slick too – we don’t overcomplicate our processes and that means we can offer the great quality and range of products that we do at our prices.”

During Mike’s induction, he was taken to meet the Head Office team. In many businesses, that is often an afterthought that does not happen until months down the line, but at BGC we want the team to become familiar with each other.

“It was great to spend time with colleagues from all the different areas of the organisation – from the design studio, to the website team, to the distribution team and so on. Having the chance to spend time with even the most senior people in the business means that now, I would not hesitate in picking up the phone to call them.”

Mike is looking forward to getting to know our Bristol customers and clearly wants to have a positive impact early on. Despite the dire situation the UK finds itself in at the moment, Mike wants the Bristol team to be able to help all of our customers get through this together.

“Whether our customers have been with us for a long time or are just starting out, I want BGC to be there to help their businesses flourish.”

Outside of work, Mike is a husband and father, and likes to spend time with his family, with whom he enjoys building Lego models and taking walks through muddy fields.

“Gone are the days of going to the pub, but we’re alright with that! Time as a family together – whatever we do – is at the top of the list!”

Once again, we would like to welcome Mike to the BGC team, and we look forward to what he can bring to the company!

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