Covid-19 Update: Our stores remain open during the national lockdown.

Budget Greeting Cards Ltd (BGC) wishes to announce the purchase of the trade and assets of Paul White Ltd and Tiger Feet Party Ltd T/A Tiger Feet Direct.

First established in Leeds in 1979, Paul White Wholesale has steadily grown to include depots in both Nottingham and Gateshead. Tiger Feet Direct is based within the Leeds Branch of Paul White Ltd and was established as an online balloon and party wholesale company in 2013.

Budget Greeting Cards Ltd, established in 1984, has a HQ in Manchester and operates across a network of branches in Gateshead, Bradford, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Dunstable, Nottingham, and Dublin.

Both businesses have been major supporters of the independent greeting cards sector, as well as the party and gifts categories, and stationery, across specialist shops, the convenience sector, post offices, and local party specialists.

Paul White and Tiger Feet are both established businesses operating across a similar customer base to those of BGC, and in similar locations, so the joining of the two businesses makes it an exciting opportunity to better serve the independent sector. This is all about ensuring the wholesale market remains competitive and delivers value to its customers as they compete with major high street retailers.

BGC is proud to be making this investment to support both sets of customers.

Customer Q&A

Q. What happens from the signing date (15th March)?  
As a customer, you will see no difference in trading for the first few weeks, while behind the scenes BGC will be working hard to combine key practices & procedures between the two businesses. You may see more of our head office staff out & about as we get to know the employees & customers at the new sites. 

Q. What will happen to Paul White staff? 
All existing Paul White & Tiger Feet staff are now employed by BGC Wholesale ltd. You will see the same faces in branch & speak to the same staff in the Leeds head office.   

Q. What are BGC’s priorities? 
BGC’s focus across 2024 is to ensure we continue to give our customers the range of products they need at the best possible price to stay competitive in the independent sector. This will include highlighting & taking on board areas of Paul White where they perform well, to continue the great relationships that have been built up with customers & reviewing the workings of Tiger Feet Direct & BGC’s online platform & how we can increase our services.  

Q. Will my shopping experience change?  
Any changes made to the company sites & services will be communicated with plenty of notice.  
We are currently reviewing our sites & how we can serve our customers best. With this, both Nottingham sites will be merged into one with a current re-open scheduled in May. Dates can be seen in our diagram below. The merge will see the closing of the current BGC site, with operations moving into 10 Dabell Avenue, NG6 8WA, just down the road. Other sites are still under review.  

Q. If I only shop at Paul White, do I need to re-register with BGC? 
No. All customer data will be transferred & your account will be ready to use for the re-opening. Please keep us updated with any changes to your account such as address or contact details.  

Q. Is my data secure? 
We know how important it is to protect and manage your data. We have procedures & technology in place to ensure your data is transferred, stored, secured, and used appropriately.  

Q.  I get a better discount than the trade price – will this continue? 
Upon re-opening, you will be moved to the BGC model & we will offer you the discount closest to your current offer. All discounts are due for review & any current offer may be changed in the future.  

Q. I have a credit account, will this remain open? 
Credit accounts will be reviewed on an individual basis. We aim to actively support customers. 

Q. Will pricing change? 
Upon the integration of the two businesses, a standard pricing model will be applied, which will be based on the current BGC pricing. Moving forward, prices will continue to be monitored to ensure that our customers get competitive pricing. Please be assured that  we have no plans to increase prices generally as we wish to ensure our customers stay competitive. 

Q. Is there a minimum spend? 
The minimum spend in the branch is £50, however, we understand there may be times when you need the odd item to support your customers, please speak to a member of the team in these instances.   

Q. Refunds & Returns 
Please review our policy online at We cannot exchange or refund goods bought by customers in error. We do not offer sale or return, and all damages must be returned within 30 days with a valid invoice, after 30 days we are unable to complete refunds.   

Q. Is my helium deposit safe? 
Yes, all deposits held by Paul White are being transferred to BGC and will still be returned in full once all helium cylinders are returned. 

Can I return helium cylinders I rented from Paul White to a BGC branch? 
Yes. Please ensure that all returned cylinders are received by a member of our team who will ensure that the cylinder serial number is registered as being returned.
Will my direct debit for rental payments change? 
The intention is to transfer all direct debit agreements from Paul White to BGC, as well as to offer BGC customers the ability to pay by direct debit also. Watch this space! 
Q. Will I still be able to get the same products? 
There may be slight changes to products stocked in the branch after the merge. We will look, where possible, to make anything not available in the branch available via our online sites. We actively take feedback from customers on products they need and aim to source and have them in branch at speed. We do also look at products that are not selling and clear them to ensure we have the space to bring in  new products. 

Q. What will online look like? 
We are working on improving our offerings online, with both BGC Wholesale & Tiger Feet Direct and both will still be fully operational. We are constantly adding more products to be able to support you and your business, to get you the stock you need as quickly as possible.   

Q. What does this mean for my customer support? 
All customer support teams & channels will still be available including online, in branch and through our head offices. You can contact us at, or by phone at 0161 871 4450 (Manchester Head office) or 0113 2000260 (Leeds Head Office).