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Gift Bows & Ribbons

Give your customers what they need to make their gifts memorable with our assorted range of wholesale gift bows. Classic pull bows make it effortless for your customers to make their gifts look professionally wrapped, whilst our ribbon cops add an extra element of style to our sheet and tag sets. We have dozens of colours and styles to choose from so your customers can easily match or complement their chosen wrapping paper or gift box, and they’re available in packs of up to 30 for easy resupplying. Get some of the UK’s best trade prices with BGC. 

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100pc Stickers Cute Christmas Character
Item No. IT318953
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas Eurowrap X-32964-STIC
100pc Stickers Cute DIY Christmas
Item No. IT318952
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas Eurowrap X-32961-STIC
18pk Bow XM Large Confetti Luxury
Item No. IT320210
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas Tallon Large XA0141
2 Pull Bows Kraft
Item No. IT311924
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas Eurowrap X-31700-BC
20 Gift Tags Christmas Cute
Item No. IT318942
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas Eurowrap X-33024-GTC
20 Slim Gift Tags Kraft
Item No. IT311992
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas Eurowrap Kraft Brown X-31544-GTC
20pk Gift Tag Elegant Traditions 4 Asstd
Item No. IT318982
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas IG Design Group XANGT1030
20pk Gift Tag Kraft Christmas 4 Asstd
Item No. IT318983
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas IG Design Group XANGT1038
20pk Gift Tag Midnight Wonder 4 Asstd
Item No. IT318984
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas IG Design Group XANGT1042
20pk Gift Tag Mixed Metallics 4 Asstd
Item No. IT318981
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas IG Design Group XANGT1032
20pk Gift Tag Novelty Cute 4 Asstd
Item No. IT318986
Accessories & Ribbon Christmas IG Design Group XANGT1031
20pk Pull Bows 50mm Baby Pink
Item No. IT099941
Accessories & Ribbon Everyday APAC Solid Colour Pink 50mm PB5880